Friday, May 31, 2013

Surface Area

Ever wanted more than three rows on your Surface RT? Four Tile Rows Surface RT has been a way to do it, although it resets to default as soon as you turn your screen off. Not perfect, seeing as it’s only a very temporary solution for this dilemma. Thankfully a permanent solution is available.

User, tamarasu, over at XDA Forums has found a solution, and it works. I am writing this currently on a Surface RT that has four rows, and it makes my start screen much easier to use. Here’s how you can do it too:

  1. open notepad
  2. post following line:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Scaling]
  3. save as a .reg file
  4. import into regedit
  5. restart surface
Alternatively you can download this .reg file and run it, followed by a quick reboot of your Surface RT. Also, this will make your on-screen keyboard slightly smaller, but it is just as usable. If you ever want to restore your 3 rows you just need to go in to the registry editor and delete the registry key, and restart the device again. I assume this will work on any Windows RT device, but I haven’t tried it on other than the Microsoft one. Hit up the source link for all the original instructions.


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